Lucija Madjanović

My name is Lucija Madjanović and I’m a producer of the Star Film Fest. My love for the film has been present since the early childhood, and my films of choice are  animated films and science fiction films. I love animated films because give artists the ability to present a story with their drawing style while science fiction films always fascinated me because of the costumes and scenographies.

I became involved in the organization of the Star Film Fest because I wanted to learn something new, experience the festival behind the scenes and try out the role of a producer. We are working on the festival all year round, and we invest the effort and time so the visitors can have the best experience of watching films. I hope you gonna enjoy the content we have prepared for you and that you will come to see us in large numbers . I’m eagerly waiting for the beginning of a festival from which is less than a month away.