Bojan Iličić

My name is Bojan Ilicic and I am a Magister of Primary Education by vocation. I participate in the organization of the Star Film Fest, and I play the role of the media sector leader. My role is interesting because it gives me the opportunity to plan events, track, write articles and announce events in days of Star Film Fest. I believe that the City of Sisak through Star Film Fest offers its citisens a new, innovative and fun manifestation that enriches the cultural identity of the city. While working at the festival, for the second year now, I’ve learned a great deal about creating and managing the festival and gained new management skills.

It’s fun to watch the young people who participate in the organization of the festival. Their desire for work and learning restores my faith in youth that shall inherit the Earth. We have a great amount of love for what we do, I must emphasize that it’s volunteer work because it shows that it is done with will and love. Exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills can be seen on workshops that young people are happy to participate in. The first day of the Star Film Fest is magical. The film screening in the Old Town is a perfect blend of past and the future. It’s interesting to watch films from all over the world. Each film reveals a new world and some new experience, someone’s life story that is bravely exposed to us for evaluation.

As the end product consumer of the film industry I didn’t have an insight into how interesting the world of production is and what is happening in the process of film making. I’ve been involved in the work of Cinema Club Sisak because of the curiousness, new knowledge that I can acquire and provide my students with a new dimension of extracurricular activities. I’m especially fond of the Star Film Fest’s children’s program, where the youngest can enjoy filmmaking adapted to their age with our mascots Mickey Mouse and Star of the Star Film Fest with whom they love to play and paint. The experiences they talk about in classrooms are invaluable and encourage me to continue working on Star Film Fest.