Elemental, music stars under the starry sky

The rich film program of the Star Film Fest will be completed this year with the guest appearance of one of the most prominent Croatian bands. Elemental will dawn on an open stage under the starry sky in Sisak. Elemental is an ensemble that has been attracting a wide audience since 1998, and the perfect synergy of good music and film awaits visitors on August 30th at 10 pm near Kazalište 21 (Theater 21) in Sisak.

Elemental cites rap as it’s primary genre, but their creativity has certainly crossed the line of strict genre commitment. We are pleased to announce that visitors of Star Film Fest will have the opportunity to enjoy the music of this cult band. The atmosphere of the festival under the stars would not be complete without the members of Mirela Priselac Remi, Luka Tralić Shot, Erol Zejnilović, Konrad Lovrenčić, Davor Zanoski, Ivan Vodopijec and Vida Manestar, whose appearance we are extremely looking forward to. We have no doubt that the songs from seven albums released by the band so far will perfectly accompany the film program that awaits an interested audience.

After a series of appearances across the region and beyond, Elemental will join the Star Film Fest for twenty years of career. Korčula in Croatia, Požega, Divičibare i Belgrade in Serbia are not the only cities to host this famous band in August. Shortly after the Rab Film Festival Elemental arrives at our Star Film Fest in Sisak.

An excellent atmosphere, socializing and a quality music program await you at Trg grada Heidenheima 3, and you will definitely not want to miss this long-awaited spectacle. Entrance to the announced concert is free!