The 1st Star Film Fest, held from 4th to 6th September 2014, ended with an award ceremony and handing out crystal Stars.

The award for the best industrial film went to “Wašhava”, made by a Slovene director Saša Podgoršek and a cameraman Sven Pepeonik. The film includes an interesting combination of ballet and rough scenery of coal miners’ locker room in Trbovlje. This is a dedication to many generations of coal miners, which have worked underground for almost 200 years, always with the uncertainty if they will come back alive and the manifestation of the fear of the unexisting future. Marko Marinkić was awarded the award for the best experimental film, for his work “Izvan fokusa” (“Out of focus”), which deals with pre-holiday consumerism. The award for the best documentary film went to Dario Bukovski for his creation “Tamo gdje živi nada”, the film dedicated to his grandma Nada and her life philosophy. Many people identified with the film, thinking of their loved ones to which they do not dedicate enough of their time and attention. Some remembered their dear ones who have passed and are now haunted by their late realisation that everyone’s time eventually runs out.

The best feature film award was given to a director Anja Kavić from Banja Luka for her “Netko od nas”, who has also attracted the audience’s attention with her second film, the documentary “Neke su djevojke veće od drugih”. This is a story of a young Biljana, who suffers from paraplegia, but is very active as an employee in an industrial company, as a basketball player. She is also a singer and a housewife. The first film, “Netko od nas”, deals with the relationship of love and hate, which connects and disconnects people from one another. Finally, the audience award went to the film “Mane”, written by Ivana Kelava’s screenplay and made by participants of a summer workshop in Gunja. The charming story, which reminded the audience of Czech comedies, deals with love problems of one boy and his life lessons. The protagonist, Mane, is played by the unforgettable Marinko Marinkić.

The 1st Star FIlm Fest finished as it has started, under the light of the torches and several raindrops, as if nothing special had happened. But everything has changed in those 3 days! Sisak got itself a valuable film festival which will continue to gather young authors from Croatia and the world (it became international already now, in its first year of existence), that make all kinds of movies. The young group of organisers, with the help of many volunteers, showed that it knows and can make a complex project a reality. It took us many months, a lot of will and power, but it was shown that Sisak needs this kind of festival, which is supported by many.