Film Music Production at the Star Film Fest

The importance of music in film is only known to true film lovers, but every film viewer is also a listener of carefully selected film music. Many soundtracks have solidified the status of the movie in which they were played while the audience didn’t pay too much attention to the music during the first viewing of the movie, at least not on a conscious level. However, often when we leave the movie theater or finish watching movie in the comfort of our own home, we find ourselves humming an infectious movie tune.

The atmosphere that music creates in the film and for the film doesn’t need much discussion. A good thriller would not be so good without the tense music that follows the sequences and the complete absence of music in the film can create more tension and even cause discomfort in the audience.

For all interested film lovers, musicians and layman musicians, this year’s Star Film Fest is the right place. Here, participants will be able to learn a little bit about the process of music making for a film within the workshop “Film Music Production“. The workshop is being held under the professional guidance of Magda Mas, who will guide the participants through the secrets of film music making. Acoustics, film sound and music theory, audio engineering, and literature examples are topics that will be addressed in this interesting workshop. Particular emphasis will be placed on practice and creation. The participants will analyze the collective composition of the selected scene from the film, which will certainly give them access to film and film music in this way and in the future. All interested are welcome and invited to participate regardless of music education or affinities.

See you at the Star Film Fest!