Film Production Insurance at the Star Film Fest

Film production insurance is an imperative in the new age of the film industry, so we definitely recommend not to miss the workshop that will be held at this year’s Star Film Fest by Igor Soviček.

DPS Renomia is a provider of insurance services and specializes in the provision of film production insurance services. How complex filmmaking really is and what problems producers can face, find out in this year’s “Film Production Insurance” workshop. Through the complex process of film production that is inseparable from ensuring the production process, you will be led by the director of DPS Renomia. Igor Soviček, workshop leader and director of DPS Renomia works as an independent insurance broker and will certainly be a reliable source of information for all participants. As he began working extensively in film production three years ago, his advice will be especially helpful to producers filmmakers.

Despite the bad situation that is noticeable in the insurance market in Croatia, producers can find out how to protect themselves thanks to the workshop leader and information about the services his company provides. For those eager to know, the doors of the workshop are open at Star Film Fest, where attendees will be introduced to the major risks that threaten producers. Also, this workshop will present needed, but above all effective, practical solutions, and enough time will be devoted to discussion and conceptualization of an imaginary offer that will make it easier for producers to carry out their projects in the future.

In this field of film and media production, Igor Soviček is definitely expert and is raising awareness of the risks to which film producers are exposed. His company also cooperates with one of the leading insurers in Belgium, and the workshop participants will be introduced to the benefits that EU member states enjoy when using specially tailored film insurance shelves that were not previously available in this area.

The Film Production Insurance workshop provides an interesting insight into the other side of film production. Thus, interested participants will become aware of the complexity of production in terms of securing a project that becomes an indispensable part of the production job, which film lovers and audience are often not even aware of. How much effort, investment and caution it takes to make every serious production project cannot be seen easily, and often this effort goes unrecognized as the audience and the film industry concentrate solely on the final product, the film. It’s something we don’t think about looking at the latest blockbuster from the comfort of a movie theater, for example.

The purpose of this workshop is to encourage thinking about the insurance segment in film production with audience. We believe that the participation in this workshop will be extremely useful to producers, directors and all filmmakers thanks to an expert lecturer, versed in current developments in the insurance market, ready to offer much needed solutions.