Get to know organising team of the Star Film Fest

4th year in a row You have an opportunity to experience watching movies under the stars because Star Film Fest is opening its doors again. It will be held from 31. August to 2. September. The Star Film Fest organiser is the Cinema Club Sisak. The opening of the festival will be in a well-known place, at the Sisak Old Town Fortress, and the other two days of the festival, festival’s heart will move to Theater 21.

For those who are unfamiliar with the work of this young festival, it is the initiative and organisation of members of the Cinema Club Sisak, who with the help of other filmmakers from all over Croatia (Zagreb, Gunja, Karlovac and Pitomača) managed to carry out their wish of Sisak having its own film festival. It is a large group of volunteers who put all their knowledge and skills, without a single paid honorarium, in order to delight their visitors.

The festival organiser is Matija Holjevac who, with only 23 years, has more than a respectable resume. He graduated from the Business Economics in Zagreb, now graduating from the management of internal and international trade. He is the president of Cinema Club Sisak and vice president of the Council of Youth of the City of Sisak.

With him, there are numerous colleagues without whom the entire organisation would not be possible. Festival producers – Lucija Madjanović and Karla Borić, volunteer coordinator – Hana Josić, head of media sector – Bojan Iličić, Luka Vukelić, Domagoj Topić, Saša Tepić i Romana Šimek – media sector assistants, guest office manager – Lucija Čekšić, translator of Star Film Fest – Roberta Končar, recording of TV chronicle – Leo Vitasević, technical manager  – Marinko Marinkić, Ivan Stjepan Lucić, Magda Mas i Hrvoje Jurković – technical support assistants, video material maker and technical support – Teo Vukšan, photographers of the festival – Karlo Brigljević and Patrik Kovač, photo workshop manager – Dorijan Šipuš, person responsible for creating an official site where you can keep up to date with the upcoming festival – Hrvoje Lovreković, creative design manager – Lucas Werft, Martina Werft and Saša Tadić – program hosts, and last but not least our festival star – Karla Josić.

This group of filmmakers is a great example of how you need nothing more than knowledge and a lot of effort to achieve your dream. The best reward for that, they say, will be a great response to the visitor who will join them to enjoy great movies.