Hana Josić

My name is Hana Josić and I’m the volunteer manager at the Star Film Fest. Interest for the film has arised during elementary school when I was involved in the movie creation within extracurricular activities, through the work of the film group. During high school, the interest mainly descended due to the fact that there was no possibility in the city of Sisak to join a group dealing with film art. By establishment of the Cinema Club Sisak and the initiation of the Star Film Fest, young people are given the opportunity to be part of a beautiful story that has the power to take us wherever we want, as far as our imagination allows it.

Matija included me from the first year in the organization of the Star Film Fest. Back then I worked with him to promote the Festival. After, I started taking care of our beloved volunteers which are the essential part of the Festival. Actually, no Festival so far could be realized without them. What drags me back every year is the opportunity to watch young people so proud of their work being on film canvas. Also, the fact that every year the number of applicants is getting bigger and the quality of the films is getting better, just pushes everything even further. Therefore, it encourages the creation of a festival that is truly worthy of the young people who come to Sisak primarily for love, love for the film.