It’s time to find out who’s the last star of our festival

It’s time to introduce Ivan Sikavica, director, screenwriter and this year´s member of  jury of Star Film Fest. We bring you a part of the conversation below.

Ivan believes that Croatia has a very good cinematographic fund and a system that functions incarnated in HAVC. Because of that we are offering more competitive films in regard to the rest of Europe and that is why we started to be visible at world festivals. He personally does not have a favorite movie category for himself, but he is doing what is currently attracting his attention, intrigues him at the project or simply a is a challenge for him. He is currently involved in the realization of a feature  movie.

He doesn’t like to make lists of the best movies because they change by the time, but the first movies that came to his mind are “Crnci” by Goran Dević and Zvonimir Jurić  and the recent “Ne gledaj mi u pijat” by Hana Jušić. In his opinion, the highlight moment of our young Croatian cinematography is the establishment of HAVC eight years ago because, as he says, we brought a system that began to be fruitful.  He also thinks that breakthrough moment for Croatia was bringing movie “Zvizdan” as one of the Cannes Film Festival programmes because it is a first time after twenty-five years that Croatian movie entered the film map of the world. From that moment, there is no festival where a Croatian film is not involved, either feature-length or short-filmed.

The motivation to participate at Star Film Fest is the festival’s liveliness, making acquaintance among young talented people and the privilege to discover what is good, imaginative and original.  For him every opportunity to meet young filmmakers is precious. Of course, there is also a responsibility which is not an easy part, but he is looking forward to it. “Since the short film festivals are only possibility and the window into the world for any filmmaker, there is no author who is unlucky with the ability to present a film at the festival, on a large canvas, in front of the audience” – says our director,  and advises to young filmmakers “I also want to give a good advice, but I already learned that there is not much help from them. Everyone needs to learn by themselves and make experience through their own work. Work, work and only work. With such a preparation, based on one’s own experience, everything else will come by itself. “