Matija Holjevac

My name is Matija Holjevac and I’m the president of the Cinema Club Sisak and organiser of the Star Film Fest. My love for film started back in the 5th grade of elementary school throughout the extracurricular activity Film Troupe. Through the Film Troupe in Elementary School Galdovo I gained new skills, met wonderful people and even better friends. The acquired knowledge has enabled me to express my ideas in the form of the film and to transfer the final product onto the film screen. Along with creating films, I travelled through various festivals where my work was recognised by professor Josip Krunić from Gunja. He invited me to various workshops all over Croatia, one of them being the Novigrad Spring for Gifted Children. In the Film Troupe, together with teacher Aziza Tominac and a couple of younger students, we continued to make films and kept achieving great results. By enrolling high school I didn’t have the opportunity to do film through the group activity, but as an independent author I performed at various festivals in Croatia. Ms. Vera Robic Škarica, former chairman of the HFS, noticed my work and inspired me to found Cinema Club Sisak. So Sisak has become richer for all film lovers and those who want to work on it. I wanted to give the youngsters the opportunity to, along with my mentoring and help of a team that is already experienced in creating films, realise their vision. Throughout the years we grew and received new members, and my love for the film is still present. The city of Sisak has recognized the quality of our work and we got the place for our activities where we gather every Friday and create films. Star Film Fest was created with the help of my friends from all over Croatia who I met as a primary school student at film festivals. Year after year Star Film Fest grows and with it the team of people who work on it. We organise the festival all year round, and during the work all young people that are involved acquire new skills, competencies, knowledge and most important new acquaintances and many friendships. The aim of the Star Film Fest is to provide a platform for young directors to present their film clips on a large screen. My motivation for work is the desire for bigger and new challenges. When I recall the beginning of the festival, the difference is obvious and is reflected in the quality of the films and the organisation itself. Every beginning is tough and exhausting, but the festival has a soul, heart, and each of us is doing it out of love. When you do something out of love, that is a guarantee of success and all problems can be solved.