The official organiser of the Star Film Fest is Cinema Club Sisak. Club was founded on the 23th of September 2013 and it is the only gathering place for film makers and film lovers in Sisak-Moslavina County. It promotes film culture and art, as well as the education of young generations through workshops and courses. In less than seven years of its existence, Cinema Club Sisak has made a number of films, over 45 of them. The cooperation with many associations, especially in the area of ​​Sisak, but also throughout Croatia, for which the club makes promotional films and points out the problems that others face, indicates the seriousness and value of the Cinema Club Sisak and points to its upcoming successes. From the very beginning, the Cinema Club Sisak has been carrying out various projects, so it has six editions of Star Film Fest, 3 editions of Star Gardens screenings, 55th and 57th Croatian Children’s Film Festival, “Mladi za film” (“The Youth for the Film”) workshop, “Planet Film” education for elementary school students, “Mladi za film” (“The Youth for the Film”) project involving education of children, parents and teachers, “Korak do filma” (“Step to the Film”) workshop aimed at high school students and students, and “Question for films” – a six months lasting movie quiz. The club has over 80 members of all ages, divided into four groups. The younger ages of the Sisak Cinema Club visit local and regional festivals as well as various workshops to expand their knowledge and meet new filmmakers.