Seven is a lucky number so we are giving a chance to young filmmakers from around the globe to test their luck on the upcoming Star Film Fest in Sisak. Applications are officially open from February 15th. We are inviting you to join the competition program and to go all in with us into the world of film.

The 7th Star Film Fest is taking place at Sisak’s lovely locations, starting from September 3rd, 2020. until September 5th, 2020. We are inviting you to sign up from February 15th, 2020. until May 20th, 2020. so that you can participate in this unforgettable movie experience.

Every year, Star Film Fest attracts productive, young, competent film authors from all around the world and the number of signed up applications continues to rise, since 2014. The need of audience for high quality films has successfully been met every year. For those who as passionately enjoy making film as well as watching it, we have opened applications in the following categories: documentary, featured, experimental, animated and industrial film. It is important that your movies are not more than 25 minutes long and that the production date is not older than two years, earliest possible production date being January the 1st, 2018.

You can sign up if you are more than 18 years old and younger than 35. All terms and conditions are available at the official Star Film Fest site: You can also apply via Festhome: Star Film Fest or by filling out our application sheet on the official Star Film Fest site

Test your movie luck and secure your spot at the festival made of stardust. Let your movie be seen on the Star Film Fest screen. We are looking forward to your application!