Stephany Stefan at the Star Film Fest

This year’s Star Film Fest will also spice up the young Rijeka songwriter Stephany Stefan with her band. She is a peculiar artist who is very close to the process of creating a visual artwork. That is why her appearance on the open stage under the starry sky will perfectly accompany the film program that we have carefully selected for you.

Stephany Stefan is a multidisciplinary artist who combines dance and circus skills with screening of her photographs. It is not surprising that she herself is familiar with the complexity of the visual. The band’s front-runner Stephany Stefan creates all her visuals, and her guest appearance at Star Film Fest is long awaited for a reason.

This performance will certainly reflect the synesthesia of the visual and the auditory – film and music, photography and sound. That is why we invite you to witness the performance of this artist who will take our stage with a band consisting of Goran Pleić, Vedran Mijić, Dorian Cuculić and Maja Bolić.

Following the release of the debut album Clouds EP, Stephany Stefan will also present songs from her new album, Iridescent. Good music, dance and movement complete with quality visual content will not be lacking.

Stephany Stefan’s guest appearance at Star Film Fest is one of many, but not least. The show is one that is definitely not to be missed. After the ReArt Festival, the Velvet Festival, the Koomšilook Festival and the renowned INmusic festival, Stephany Stefan will also illuminate the stage of our festival under the stars. Their presentation of the new album “Iridescent” in the Filodrammatica hall in Rijeka was completely sold out and we are also looking forward to our stage at the Star Film Fest. All interested will have the opportunity to enjoy the latest songs, long into a starry night with free entry.

See you at Star Film Fest were we’ll be listening to good music on August 29th on the opening day in the Stari grad Sisak (Old town Sisak) at 9:45 pm in Sisak. We invite all lovers of good entertainment, quality films and music. The entrance to the concert is free.