Sweet interview with second member of this year’s jury of Star Film Fest

Today we bring you a short, but sweet interview with actress Ivona Kundert, a member of this year’s jury of Star Film Fest. She impressed us with her personality, and we believe that you will be impressed too.

Ivona thinks that a short film in Croatian cinematography is currently experiencing better and bigger successes. A good example is a movie “Izlet” by Jure Pavlović and “Zvir” by Miroslav Sikavica which was in Cannes and Belladonna in America which shows the potential of young directors. Ivona thinks that young filmmakers are hope of Croatian cinematography. Her favorite film categories are drama – biographical films. The best Croatian films in Ivona’s opinion are: “Sokol ga nije volio” by Branko Schmidt, “Ničiji sin” by Arsen Antun Ostojić, “Svećenikova djeca” by Vinko Brešan, “Duga mračna noć” by Antun Vrdoljak and others. Ivona says that without film festivals young artists are not able to develop well. Her motivation for participation in Star Film Fest is to be part of the artistic achievements of young artists, exchange of experiences and of course full support, that’s why she’s telling them to always be a visionaries with pure heart, soul and never forget the child within themselves.