Talk with last year’s winner Katerina Duda

On the last year’s Star Film Fest, the title of the best documentary film took the film Rezidba. Here is a brief description of the conversation with the director Katerina Duda.

In the summer season, Katerina always remembers the film Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot by Jacques Tati, and her role model is the screenwriter Chantal Akerman. Katerina thinks there is a disproportion between male and female directors. The director comes from the sphere of visual arts and the way she thinks about the video and the film derive from it. She thinks that Croatian cinema is a dynamic field, which produces many interesting things, and there is huge potential in the generations that are just being formed. Talking about movie categories, it is difficult for her to isolate particular films. She always likes to recall those she has recently seen, such as Autofocus by Boris Poljak, I Love You, Ines by Ana Hušman. She prefers feature film. However, when it comes to her own work, she prefers forms that do not need a big production. She is best suited with one man band method, so for her, it is more documentary or experimental form. Film Rezidba was created at the Restart School of Documentary Film. Katerina has spent some time dealing with her grandfather’s video material, the key element around which she builds a story. Through conversations with colleagues and consultants, the topic was confirmed as a good material for Final Exercise at School. She occasionally exhibits and resides abroad, but she loves life and work in Zagreb. Currently, she likes to go away occasionally, while having a steady life in Croatia. Katerina is working on several new projects, including a documentary film. We hope to have the opportunity to see her at this year’s Star Film Fest.