We prepared cosmic program for 5th Star Film Fest

This year marks the fifth time the ever-growing Star Film Fest is being held. It’s wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of Cinema Club Sisak and its many volunteers all united by their desire of Sisak having it’s own film festival. Every year more and more visitors come, and each year we’ve been trying to organize the most high quality festival possible.


This year, from the August 31st till September 1st, visitors will be able to partake in various workshops, concerts and film screenings.


On the day of the opening of the festival, there will be transport for visitors, i.e. a boat ride from the “Mali Kaptol” restaurant to the “Stari Grad” (Old Town Sisak/ Sisak Fortress). You will enjoy a pleasant atmosphere with movie music, combined with Martina Sabljak and Darko Ružec. In the space of the Sisak Fortress you will be able to attend the opening of the exhibition “Transmediality of the Movie Frame – Selection of Film Cycles” by the author Dora Hanžek, and very soon thereafter the opening ceremony of the 5th Star Film Fest. The program will feature numerous film screenings and the Obradović – Tixier Duo concert as a treat for a relaxing end to the first movie night.


The next day, the festival will move to “Kazalište 21” (Theater 21). We will start the day out by doing some warm-ups surrounded by nature. Later you can join the air filming workshop with Tomislav Šebalj as the leader of the group, and also there is an acoustic jam session organized in the theater’s outside area so you can enjoy listening to some music all day long. Another interesting workshop, the Slackline – walking on rope, will give you an opportunity to try out something new. Visitors will also have the opportunity to take part in the workshop “Actor’s Preparation and Concentration” prepared by Goran Grgić, after which we will watch actors on the film screen as a continuation of competitive film screenings. The film “Osmi povjerenik” (The Eighth Commissioner) and the Bang Bang concert are also expected afterwards.


On the last day of the festival we will be working from morning hours. We’ll start the day with the “Wet Collodion Process” presentation by Miroslav Arbutina. During the day, an acoustic jam session will be organized for everyone to come with their instrument and play. In the afternoon we will have a public debate, “Women in Film Industry”, and later the visitors will be able to attend the film-oriented KOZa, general knowledge quiz. After the quiz, we will finish the screenings, the Comic Sans movie and the winner of this year’s festival. We will end the night with 4Head’s concert and a surprise guest.


It is important to note that all visitors are entitled to a 40% discount when purchasing a return ticket for Sisak through (Croatia railways) from any part of Croatia. In addition to a boat ride with which you can reach the Sisak Fortress, there is also organized bus ride with a starting point on the bus station “Nama” next to the shopping center Nama.


If you are looking for accommodation, we recommend you to contact our guest office through e-mail sff.hospitality@sfilmfest.com to provide you accommodation in Sisak at sponsored prices.


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