Star Film Fest 2016

Third Star film fest

The third Star Film Fest is behind us. On its first day we had more visitors than we anticipated, while their arrival by the “Juran and Sofija” boat made it even more spectacular. Following the first two years, the heart of the festival was beating at Sisak’s Old Town. Around 500 young film lovers took part in the festival, 40 movies were projected, and more than 2000 visitors took part in the programme.

The programme was enriched with photography and video workshops, lectures and concerts. The visitors of the Old Town had the chance to see Dorijan Šipuš’s exhibition “SK365/24”. The performance „Greeting“, by Vesna Mačković and Vesna Opačić, was turned into a film placed in abandoned areas and halls of Sisak’s Željezara and pays a tribute to Sisak’s industry. It also perfectly added to the character of the industrial film – one of the festival’s trademarks.

For the first time, we held matinees in the morning hours at Kazalište 21, for our youngest film lovers. The kids were greeted by our mascot Star and Mickey Mouse. We also organised a small lecture by Duško Popović on children’s filmmaking in public health service.

The visitors could take part in video workshops led by Teo Vukšan, as well as the workshop on aerial filming led by Tomislav Šebalj, which was held for the first time in the context of the festival.

On the last day, the visitors of the City Library could find out about various other festivals-Student Cuts Film Festival, Four River Film Festival and Youth Film Festival, as well as the Summer Film School Gunja.

The jury of our festival – Danijel Rafaelić, Silvester Kolbas, Tara Rosandić, Luka Rukavina and Damir Čučić – rated the movies and awarded the best ones in each category. A special award went to the winner of “The Real Sisak” photography competition.

Best documentary: Rezidba (Katerina Duda)

Best experimental film: Be back (Andriy Lyryllov)

Best motion picture: Divna budućnost ljubavi moja (Marko Žunić)

Industrial film: Sektor (Goran Škofić)

One-take: Ugasi svjetlo (Janja Bijelić)

Best animated film: Les Courgettes De La Resistance (Mellisa Idri)

Audience’s favourite: Sisters (Lea Vidaković)

“The Real Sisak” photography competition: Bijele ruže (Ivica Bohorc)



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