Star Film Fest 2017

Fourth Star film fest


The fourth Star Film fest, during which Sisak’s film fans along with the guests were able to enjoy many movie screenings, started with a big opening ceremony in the old Town. The opening ceremony began with a trolley ride, going from Ban Josip Jelacic Square all the way to the old Town. Upon arrival, attendees were met with photography exhibition from photography competition “Blooming Sisak” and along with a display featuring movie posters by Šesnić & Turković.. The festival was opened with “Buffet forge”, a movie by Sisak’s own director Goran Dević. This was the movie’s fifth screening, but according to Dević it was also the most important one because it was in front of a special audience. As the evening went on, audience members had an opportunity to enjoy three other films that were a part of the competition.

After the opening ceremony, the festival moved a little bit more towards the heart of the whole city, the “Theatre 21”.

The second day started early during the day, with children’s program by showing the movie “Uzbuna na zelenom vrhu”. In the following few hours all the attendees and film lovers could enjoy 12 more showings of the competitor movies. In the evening it was time for an event called “Projection under the stars” where audience could watch “Don’t look at my plate” directed by Hana Jušić. In it’s last day, the festival was packed with additional content which included different workshops, lectures and the remainder of screenings that were still left, which was all followed by the closing ceremony. The younger participants were really excited with interactive lecture by Mario Kovač, called “From an idea to a show” where they were introduced to acting process through practical exercises.

In the afternoon hours of the last day there was a vote for the “Audince choice award” happening in the Theatre 21. It was filled with all the film fans that participated in the festival through the last few days. The judge panel whose members were Ivona Kundert, Ivan Sikavica, Dado Ćosić and Hrvoje Selec, selected one movie per category(documentary, experimental, animated, live action) and announced the winners in the aforementioned categories. The winner of the “Blooming Sisak” photography competition is a photo by Dunja Mihajlović, titled “A flower blossoms for its own joy”.

In the three days during which the Star film festival lasted, it was attended by 2,5 thousand film fans. There was as many as 549 movies submitted, and out of those the judge panel selected 38 of them for public screenings. The selected movies were from all over the world, including Croatia, BiH, Spain, Belgium, France, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Russia, West Sahara, Argentina, Israel, and Peru. The Star film festival year after year is gradually becoming more important in the film lovers community which is something we are really proud of.



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