The second day of the 10th SFF begins with the beginning of the workshop “Video production for social networks” under the mentorship of a young entrepreneur and content creator from Rijeka, Ivan Tokić, where, in addition to the theoretical and practical part, participants will be tested in the creation of digital content intended for use on social networks and in short format video production.

From 15:00 in the premises of the Sisak City Museum, competitive screenings of films in competition will be held, four of them! In the second competition screening, the films “Raticide” (dir. João Niza), “Cadim” (dir. Luiza Pugliesi Villaça), “Before Pandemic and War, There Were Bed Bugs and Love!” (dir. Nuruzzaman Khan), “Jeanne’s Audition” (dir. Maarten de Bruijne). Films “Santorini, the paradise of parkour” (dir. Biel Macià), “On my bicycle” (dir. Océane Lavergne, Benjamin Langagne, Lucas Durot, Pierre Cilluffo, Marine Beuvain, Kerrian Detay), “My Nikola” (dir. Martina Marasović), “Burek vs. sirnica” (dir. Sandro Toth) and “Dargi Filipe” (dir. FIlip Zadro) will be shown in the third block of competitive film screenings in the competition. The fourth block of competitive films in the competition from 17:30 at the Sisak City Museum will show the films “Dora” (dir. Ana Ćulum), “The Ant Tower” (dir. Lina Machida), “Back Home” (dir. Nikola Polić), “I You He/She We You They” (dir. Sevin Yaman), “To the Beyond” (dir. Angie He), “That Doesn’t Fit” (dir. Ackshaj Anand) and “Daljnje njive” (dir. Filip Jembrich).

At 17:00 on the Vladimir Nazor Promenade we take a short break and relax with an acoustic jam session – bring blankets and refresh yourself with a drink at our bar!

The opening of the exhibition “10 years of films under the stars“, which commemorates all 10 years of short films in Sisak, all organizers and all visitors, takes place at 18:45 in the premises of the Sisak City Museum. In the evening we return to the Promenade of Vladimir Nazor, where we await today’s last screening of the competition films – “Pixie song” (dir. Simone M. Marinksy), “The Golden Generation” (dir. Kieran Kenlock, Kwame Wilson, Steven Apampa, Yaf Downes), “Disco Europa” (dir. Marko Plejić) , “In my mind” (dir. Teodora Koledin), “Punim pulćima” (dir. Leila Elhoweris) and “Fortissimo” (dir. Victor Cesca), followed by a screening of the award-winning documentary by actor and director Damir Markovina at 9:30 p.m. “Deserters“. “Deserters” is a film about the school generation of Bosnian youth from the city of Mostar, affected by the devastating war, on the threshold of maturity. Their experiences of the horrors of war and exile stories from the 90s, contained in letters sent to the director of this film from refugee camps scattered across Europe, are confronted with the present state of the city they were forced to leave.

We end the second day of the 10th SFF with Kandžija, an author from Osijek who is one of the most important Croatian hip hop artists, known for his diverse style!

The entire program is free!

In case of rain, the program will be held in the premises of the Sisak City Museum!

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