GIF for FUSE is the name of the first exhibition of GIF format organized by the F12 platform within the film festival FUSE – Film Under Severe Experiment organized by Kinoklub Karlovac.

GIF for FUSE, for Karlovac is a new exhibition format that detrivials the production and use of GIFs in virtual communication, and explores the room for maneuver in the use of various media, tools and approaches in creating GIFs in the context of cultural and artistic content.

In the last 3 years, the GIF for FUSE exhibition program has included the work and activities of about a hundred authors working in various fields of art and multimedia. In parallel with each new edition of the exhibition, the fanzine GIF for FUSE (to go) is compiled in printed and virtual editions. In addition to the format of the exhibition, this program differs from the usual exhibition content because it is structured in accordance with the value and organizational system adopted in the general operation of the platform, ie:

There is no judging for participation in the exhibition, all works that meet the technical prerequisites listed in the invitation become part of the exhibition setup. Thus, professional artists, academy students and art school students, as well as non-established creatives, enthusiasts and children and young people, exhibit on all F12 platform programs.

In addition to the absence of a judging system, the F12 platform fights against artistic censorship and allows authors to participate in the program regardless of the type of content, and through the work problematize, criticize and visually speak about topics of personal and social importance.

This year’s edition features 17 authors from Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Authors: Alenka Mance, Anita Kos, Bruno Žganjer Šram, Denis Mikšić, Ena Bajuk, Gaia Radić, Horvat Matijević, Janja Rakuš, Josipa Novaković, Lokalni Luzer, Mihael Bađun, Nastja Kljaić, Nataša Daničić, Pavle Golijanin, Sanja Graša, Tomislav Šilipetar , Vanda Jurkovic

You will be able to see what the exhibition of GIFs looks like at this year’s Star Film Fest on August 27 in the outdoor space of the well-known Theater 21!

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