This year’s edition of Star Film Fest has also been marked with new merch and in that name we present to you new promotional materials – t-shirts, canvas bags and iconic sneakers Startas!

Star Film Fest merch is an excellent and practical souvenir for nights spent in an abundance of stars, movies and entertainment and for film festival visitors, they are an indispensable factor in every new visit to the Star Film Fest.

T-shirts and canvas bags, this year are marked with a pixelated version of the already traditional Star Film Fest logo and it is safe to say that both are woven from stardust.

The limited edition and collaboration between Star Film Fest and Borovo Startas sneakers with the recognizable Star Film Fest logo ensures an easy step through the film dust at this year’s edition of Star Film Fest, which takes place from September 1 to 3, 2022. Startas sneakers have been inspired by tradition and culture for about 30 years, and by enjoying Star Film Fest promotional materials you can support the spread of Star Film Fest tradition and film culture in Croatia, but also in the world!How to get promo material? All you have to do is contact us at or send us a message on the official Star Film Fest Facebook profile.

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