The accompanying program of this year’s Star Film Fest also brings the debut feature film Savages by director Dario Lonjak.

This action comedy follows the summer of 2018 and the World Football Championship – in anticipation of the finals in Moscow, there is a general “madness” in Croatian cities and this madness is also carried by  the film’s main characters: Zolja (Alen Liverić), Jasmin (Branko Janković) and Mali (Borko Perić) decide to commit a robbery in order to get money for a trip to match in Russia. Since they have no money, they decide to rob a small village gas station but the robbery goes wrong and they escape through the forest to neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina from where they plan to continue their journey to Moscowuntil they wander into a training camp for Islamist terrorists, who are planning a major operation hidden in the depths of the forest. 

The screening of the film will take place on Friday, September 2 at 8:30 p.m. on the Slava Striegl promenade in Sisak.

Dario Lonjak (Karlovac, 1987), graduated in directing from the Academy of Dramatic Art in 2012. He made a number of short genre feature films and short and TV documentaries, many of which have been shown at numerous national and foreign festivals. Savages is his debut feature film.

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