Mateja Štefinščak who has a master’s degree in animated film and new media, is the author of the short animated film It Will Never Be which will along with the exhibition of the same name, open the ninth edition of Star Film Fest on Thursday, September 1 at 7:30 p.m. on the Slava Striegl promenade.

It Will Never Be tells the story of the life of a grandmother who lives in the empty village of Zagorje. One day, her lonely routine is interrupted by a lively stray dog that falls into the well next to the old woman’s small house. Although the old woman refuses any contact with the outside world, she jumps in to help the dog. Mateja was inspired by the tradition and culture of the region, and at the same time she wanted to touch upon the growing phenomenon of emigration from the countryside to large cities and abroad. So far, the film has been awarded in four festivals – VAFI & RAFI, Betina Film Festival, Review of Croatian Film Makers and Croatian Film Days.

In addition to the screening of the film, Star Film Fest will also open an exhibition of the same name, which will show the very process of making an animated film without which it would not be possible – concepts of light and shadow, character design, background creation, and the presentation of interiors and exteriors in the film.

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