We begin the third and last day of the 10th SFF with a program for the youngest – a screening of Neven Hitrec’s film “Dnevnik Pauline P” In the grounds of the Sisak City Museum, where gift packages from our sponsor INA await you!

The program continues in the Sisak City Museum at 11:00 a.m., when the last competition screening of the films in the competition begins, which will include the following films: “I don’t belong here” (dir. Martin Čičovski), “Ne pogađa svaka” (dir. Marko Dugonjić), “Komadić slobode” (dir. Sara Ristić), “102” (dir. Ana Glamuzina), “The Uplands” (dir. Yvonne Kerékgártó), “Who Ate the Bird” (dir. Sasha Tse) and “The Witches” (dir. Luis Toriello).

The workshop “Video production for social networks” continues its productive pace while at 15:00 on the Promenade of Vladimir Nazor we talk about artificial intelligence in the world of film as part of a panel discussion in which experts in artificial intelligence, Martina Silov and Petra Horvatović, a lawyer specializing in artificial intelligence, Marijana Šarolić Robić and director and producer Bobby Boško Grubić.

At 4:00 p.m., Kvizopija – the first Sisak pub quiz that tests your film knowledge on the Promenade of Vladimir Nazor!

The highlight of the last day of SFF awaits us from 20:00 when the winners of this year’s jubilee edition are announced and the screening of the winning films follows!

Although this year’s edition is over, we end the evening with music – the Sisak band Pristojni Jeleni will perform, and don’t forget the after party with the party king DJ Kneža and DANCE HARD!

The entire program is free!

In case of rain, the program will be held in the premises of the Sisak City Museum!

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