Thursday began dynamically, with a meeting of organizers at 8 a.m. at the location of Theater 21. All gathered together have determined the protocol points for Thursday and readily stepped into the final preparations of the first day of the festival, September the 3rd.

The guest office welcomed the members of the jury, Ana Đordić and Igor Jelinović, while the host and cameramen arranged the live inclusion of member Ana Trebše, who is participating in this year’s edition of the festival from Slovenia. The guest office and the volunteer leader welcomed the volunteers who then received their promotional packages. The technical service, with the help of volunteers, set up the screen, installations, cameras, sound system with the rest of the equipment, and thus the preparations for the outdoor screenings were completed, as well as the preparations for the live broadcast. Today’s filming and editing of the festival chronicles began, and there was more than enough material because the cameras of Star Film Fest recorded the last day of preparations. After a joint lunch, all organizers and volunteers put festival bracelets on their wrists, while an info desk and a red carpet were set up in front of Theater 21, and soon the festival leaders Martina Werft and Saša Tadić, arrived with translator Roberta Končar.

The information about the arrival of Goran Grgić in Sisak caused special enthusiasm. Editing, technical service, photographers, cameramen and the media sector continued to perform their duties in turn, and the sunset marked the approaching start of the Star Film Fest. The excitement grew and the diligent hands of the organizers and volunteers started working a little faster.

At 7 pm, followers of the Facebook profile and the official page of Star Film Fest saw a promotional video and the face of the host of the live part of the program Domagoj Topić, which started the first such, parallel and in many ways challenging Star Film Fest. After the conversation with the selector Martina Mladenović, Domagoj talked to the members of the jury Ana Đordić and Igor Jelinović, and later there was a conversation with the member of the jury Ana Trebše, who contacted the audience from Slovenia. Viewers who watched the live broadcast could also see the presentation of Mima Juračak and her illustrations exhibited in front of Theater 21, and as for the music segment of Star Film Fest, there was also film music performed by Alen Bakarić, Sven Tomanić and Matej Smiljanić. The honor of the grand opening of the 7th Star Film Fest went to the hosts Martina Werft and Saša Tadić, with whom Roberta Končar was also present on stage and live, so that the program of the first evening of the festival could be followed by foreign audience and competitors. The director of the Star Film Fest, Matija Holjevac addressed the audience and thanked them. Matija told the audience that he was enjoying the program at the end of the address and the beginning of an interesting festival evening, and thus the Star Film Fest was officially opened, after which the long-awaited screenings of the competition screenings began.

After the successful evening, preparations and determination of the program for the next day, September 4, began. Competitive screenings on the official website of Star Film Fest start at 9 am, an Acoustic jam session is planned, and we are especially announcing the screening of Arsen Anton Ostojić’s film, “F20” for the audience in front of Theater 21 and an interesting live program.

The first evening of the Star Film Fest was enjoyed by numerous online visitors as well as visitors to the location of Theater 21, in compliance with the recommended measures of epidemiological services. Socializing in the open air, with music and conversation about the film continued long into the night, to the delight of the citizens of Sisak and other visitors.

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