The second day of the festival, Friday, September 4th, began with a meeting of the organizers and the establishment of protocols with the division of tasks by sectors. Shortly afterwards, at 9 am, viewers and online visitors were able to watch the screenings of competition films and live broadcasts from our studio.

During this time, the organizers and volunteers prepared photos, video chronicles, written chronicles, equipment, mastering all the technical challenges in parallel. Instruments also arrived at the address of Theater 21, so preparations for the concert followed. Diligent volunteers fulfilled every idea of ​​the head of the host Klara Krmpotić, while the guests of the festival announced their arrival to the head of the guest office. With all that, our stream was active, and everyone who got involved could hear and see the conversation about women in journalism. Then came lunch moments of rest from a busy morning. The sun shone on the space in front of Theater 21 and the shadow of the pine trees created the perfect lighting for the filming of the Acoustic jam session which all viewers could follow online on the official Star Film Fest website and on Facebook. Then, the screening of competition films continued on the stream, while the ambience of Theater 21 began to be arranged for today’s arrival of guests.

The lenses then pointed towards the beginning of the red carpet and the audience began to arrive. The torches lit up, and there was the Star Film Fest mascot, a star who smiled at each guest. Jury members Ana Đordić and Igor Jelinović also joined us and Arsen Anton Ostojić arrived with actor Filip Mayer. Kristina Kovačević, the editor of the festival video chronicles, spoke with Filip Mayer, and the actor told her how he was preparing for the role in the film and announced the film in which he is acting, which the Sisak audience has the opportunity to watch, “F20”. Arsen Anton Ostojić praised the short film in Croatia for the chronicles and announced his “F20” with the remark that the film was shot out of the system and with extremely low costs, which is even more exciting. The director also praised the Star Film Fest and the way this year’s edition was held. The deckchairs in front of the screen were filled and the audience fell silent while Ostojić and Mayer addressed the viewers on Facebook and the official page in the live broadcast. As the film on the big screen came to an end, the online screening of competition films on the official Star Film Fest website began.

Given the hectic pace of the festival days and evenings, preparations for tomorrow began immediately. A meeting is scheduled at the same place. Thus, viewers who follow the festival online, on September 5, expect the final competition screenings from 9 am, an interesting live broadcast program from the location of Theater 21, Acoustic jam session with lots of pleasant notes, then a workshop and lecture “Both in the sky and on Star Film Fest”. At 8:15 pm, the audience in Sisak will be able to watch the screening of the film “Zagreb Equinox” and the announcement of the winners awaits live guests and those who follow the festival online at 9:45 p.m. At 10 pm, the winning films of this year will be shown, for the live audience but also for those who watch us on the screen, and the closing ceremony of Star Film Fest awaits you at 10:30 pm, in the same way and in equal, high splendor with DJ Oliver. For those who are watching us across the screen and the grand closing of the Star Film Fest awaits you at 10:30 pm, in the same way and in the same, high splendor with DJ Oliver.

After another successful day of the festival, the socializing in front of Theater 21 continued, and the impressions after the screening of the film “F20” slowly subsided with the conversation and the murmur of the audience and guests.

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