Two nights have already passed in laughter, film, pleasant company and fun, and we are proud to announce the third one that is approaching. Star Gardens in the yard of the Margić family will be held on August the 29th starting at 9:00 pm at Ulica kralja Tomislava 9 in Sisak.

Let the special ambience and carefully arranged garden take you to the galaxy of good film, remind you of last year’s Star Film Fest and prepare for the new, 7th edition of the Star Festival.

You will watch last year’s Star Film Fest awards on a star-studded cinema screen. The first screening is reserved for a film coming from France – My Body. This is followed by the Iranian film Breathing and then the White Bedrooms from Spain. This will be followed by Agelasta, also a Spanish film and then the Croatian film Bibek. The film Chicken Fox is a Hungarian / Bangladeshi co-production and after it you will watch the Spanish Elvis! Just before the end of the rich program, the film Non stop from Spain awaits you, and the screenings, but not the socializing, end with the Croatian film Nobody is Perfect.

So although this Saturday marks the final evening of screenings in the Sisak gardens, it also represents the best possible invitation for the upcoming Star Film Fest. In the yard of the Margić family, you will be able to refresh your festival collection and get the desired copies of masks, handbags, mother and limited Star Film Fest Startasica.

All interested film lovers are asked to fill out the form before arriving at the magical Star Gardens, so that the diligent hands of the organizing team and volunteers can ensure a safe and relaxed enjoyment of the evening.

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