How a quality gig fits the film perfectly, see for yourself at this year`s Star FIlm Fest. On the second and third day of the festival, join this rhytmic treat, online.

Turn up the volume, type in the search bar and listen to how our team does it. Or play with us, even better! Let the sounds of our spontaneous gigs fills your homes and brings you happy moments of carefreeness.

Join the first jam session on September 4th at 3pm and the second the next day, September 5th at 5pm. Spice up the rich program of Star Film Fest with a musical break and thus allow yourself a complete festival experience, no matter where you are.

Record how you play or sing with our Acoustic jam session, post that video on your Instagram or Facebook story using the hashtag #onlinesff. Maybe we will share your video on our pages!

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