We are happy to invite you to join our star story and see off the summer with the best films, workshops, an exhibition and music events.  7. Star Film Fest offers quality cinema entertainment under the starry sky for visitors in Sisak and even the online audience will not be deprived of the experience of the star film festival.  Follow us on September 3rd to 5th and spice up the September days and evenings with the rich content we offer.

 The festival begins on Thursday, September 3 at 7 pm with film music, the exhibition “965 Minutes of a Girl”, the grand opening at 8 pm and screenings of last year’s winners at the outdoor location of Theater 21 and online, via the official website sfilmfest.com.

Friday, September 4 brings competition screenings from 9 am and Acoustic jam session in the online edition at 3 pm, then a shooting workshop in the online edition at 11 am with parallel holding in the outdoor space of Theater 21 and a screening of the award-winning film Ostojić “F20” for visitors  in Sisak at 20:15.  The party will culminate on Saturday, Sept. 5, in which online audiences will be introduced to competitive screenings beginning at 9 a.m. and an Acoustic jam session at 5 p.m.  This will be followed by a parallel edition of the editing workshop at 2:30 pm and the workshop “Both in the Sky and at the Star Film Fest” at 6 pm, at the location of the outdoor space of Theater 21 and online.  For the Sisak audience, there is also the “Zagreb Equinox” directed by Svebor Mihael Jelić, starting at 20:15, and the announcement of the winners begins at 21:45 in front of Theater 21 and online.  There will be screenings of the winners at 10pm and a relaxed closing of the festival with DJ Oliver for guests on site and those who watched Star Film Fest online from 11:30 pm.

 A truly meaningful program leaves no room for doubt.  Star Film Fest is an event not to be missed.  It is an event that will unite art in the form of film, illustration and music with the possibility of discovering new skills through workshops.  The competition program is also diverse, so it is not surprising that out of as many as 816 submitted films, 54 of the best have been selected for you.  This year, the films arrived in Sisak from as many as 67 countries around the world, so we can say that Star Film Fest is becoming a meeting place for film authors from all over the world.

In addition to the competition program, this year’s edition offers quality commercial films by local authors to interested audiences in Sisak.  Don’t be surprised if you see a famous face on the cinema screen, because in the film “Zagreb Equinox” Patrik Gregurec from Sisak plays.  You will also see the familiar and dear face if you watch “F20” because this award-winning film stars Filip Mayer, a welcome guest at the Star Film Fest.

Uniting the audience in front of the screens and the audience in front of the screen under the starry sky is our goal.  The tradition of watching film outdoors, in the city of Sisak, which inherits film culture through the festival for the 7th year in a row, remains stable.  The novelty that the organizers of Star Film Fest bravely implemented is the monitoring of the festival online, so this year the physical and spatial boundaries are erased and the film reaches everyone who loves and wants it, thanks to the enthusiasm of its members.

The new visual identity, the new edition of the website and the parallel way of holding it in Sisak and online are really commendable changes.  So Star Film Fest proves this year that his place is truly among the stars.  The efforts of the organizers, members of the Sisak Cinema club and numerous volunteers will be rewarded by the response of the audience who appreciate the film and enjoy socializing under the starry sky.  Enthusiasm, love for film creation and the desire to meet the new are the initiators of the star festival from Sisak.

The realization of a successful project, which Star Film Fest undoubtedly is, would not be possible even without sponsors.  Behind the 7th Star Film Fest are the City of Sisak, INA, the Croatian Audiovisual Center, the Society of Croatian Film Directors, the Sisak-Moslavina County and the Croatian Bank for Reconstruction and Development.  There are also Baš Burek, Auto promet Sisak, Mc Donald’s, Auto Zubak, Stella, Vinarija Trdenić, AquafillCRO, Calsberg Croatia, Cocktail, Paprenjak d.o.o., Brlog pivovara, MlP, Gren Hill and Kemijska industrija.  Among the media sponsors, we highlight HRT, Klasik.tv, Radio Sisak, Dokumentarni.net, Ziher.hr, Direktno.hr, Studentski, Global, H-Alter, X-ica, Sisak.info, Sisak portal and TV Sisak, and our work  followed by Mreža TV and many others.

We thank everyone who supported the festival and those who recognize its importance over the years, and we invite the audience to join us from September 3 to 5 in Sisak and online.

 Welcome to our story made of stardust!

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