Well-known Croatian director, screenwriter and producer Arsen Anton Ostojić will contribute to this year’s Star Film Fest. Namely, the visitors of the 7th Star Film Fest will have the opportunity to watch Ostojić’s award-winning film “F20”. One of the biggest names in Croatian film is difficult to present in full glory, but we faced this challenging task through the interview in front of you. Read below what the productive author had to say about his work, film and Star Film Fest.

About the already established, extremely successful, fresh film with which he presents himself to the Sisak audience, but also to audiences from all over the world, Ostojić said: “F20” is an independent feature film, shot outside the system, without HAVC’s participation in production, and with little participation HAVC in post-film production. It is a genre film that does not deal with any standard Croatian daily political topics, but above all tries to be cinematically entertaining, although, honestly, it depicts a rather serious story. It is even partly inspired by the actual events that have taken place in our country. It is easy to understand for foreigners, so it is probably one of the reasons, in addition to its quality, that it has won a dozen awards at international film festivals in the last 4-5 months. My favorite recent awards are Romina Tonković in Los Angeles and Filip Mayer at the Pugla Film Festival in Italy. ”

And when asked why he decided to present the film at the Star Film Fest, he answered that this is due to his personal connection with the city of Sisak. “I made my second film”Ničiji sin“in Sisak, and I am emotionally attached to Sisak. I am glad that the audience in Sisak can see my new film; that’s why it was made. ” The Star Film Fest says that everyone who stands behind the festival and works tirelessly at it is extremely honored that the director decided to show the film in Sisak, under the starry sky, in front of a diverse festival audience.

The credibility he enjoys and the path that Arsen Anton Ostojić has traveled, and which he tirelessly goes through creating the film, certainly delights. Ostojić was realized in various forms, from a feature film to a short documentary. Ostojić is an author who is well-known in Europe and America and continues to make live films. “Although I have been reading all my life, I have been making films since I was 12, and after graduating from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb and getting a master’s degree from New York University, 25 years ago, I made my feature films in the last 15 years. These are “Ta divna splitska noć“, “Ničiji sin“, “Halimin put” and this latest “F20“. Working on films makes me very happy, so I always forget that this job is extremely demanding, hard and insecure. ”

But film is also something to love. Therefore, we have no doubt that the film “F20” will attract and ultimately delight the interested audience. “I would tell them to just sit comfortably in their chairs and let the” F20 “take them on an interesting, exciting and unexpected film journey that is rarely seen in Croatian films,” announced Ostojić.

Finally, the author commented on the current situation, which also affected the film, but also expressed optimism. “Watching a movie outdoors is a very nice experience, completely different than being locked in your apartment or house all these months and being forced to watch movies on TV or computer.” A better invitation to the 7th Star Film Fest is really hard to imagine. “Rush and enjoy!” says our esteemed interlocutor to the audience, and the same is signed by the organizers of the festival made of stardust.

Let’s watch a high quality film and see you at the 7th Star Film Fest.

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