All true lovers know very well how much the cuts in the film mean and our interlocutor knows how important the golden ratio is to us. Find out what the seventh art, the seventh Star Film Fest and the constellation Seven Sisters have in common in an interview with Srđan Nogić, a sound engineer, sound engineer and documentary filmmaker at Croatian Radio and an associate of the PanonIQm Institute.

For all those who look thoughtfully at the bright stars in the sky at night – the workshop “Both in the Sky and at the Star Film Fest” will be a real cosmic treat. Nogić explained to us what aroused interest in the stars. “Exploring the acoustic properties of churches, special attention was drawn to the ruined thousand-year-old Rotunda in the village of Ošlje in the Dubrovnik Littoral. The church, whose design, among other things, speaks of the thoughtful construction and enviable knowledge of medieval builders, soon spoke of the importance of its own position in the wider geographical and even cosmic context. “

Curiosity left no room for oblivion, so Nogić continued his research. “Following the spread of my own knowledge, I came across a very interesting research by Igor Šipić, which is based on a geometric analysis of geographical and geomorphological space, its macro-urban image, distribution of sacral infrastructure, toponyms, and consequently the historical-event sequence in Ecumenism. ”

Srđan Nogić also explained the importance of Dr. Šipić’s research and the role of the PanonIQm Institute. In his work, Dr. Šipić notices the precise mathematical arrangement of sacred objects in the wider Mediterranean area as well as the configuration of the “face of the Earth”. This revolutionary discovery points to an intervention “from above”, that is, a plan for the creation of Life here on Earth. The negative of this plan was imprinted in the sky through the arrangement of the nine main stars in the Pleiades cluster, known to our people as the Vlachs. Within the PanonIQm Institute, whose scientific activities are led by Dr. Šipić, in recent years this research has yielded fantastic insights and results that directly affect our origin as a species, our history, present and, apparently, the future. Mathematics has shown that the crowning proof of the correctness of the statement “how In heaven, as well as on Earth, “it is the Rotunda in Ošalj, whose position and design directly reflects the celestial image of Vlašić.”

The connection between the festival made of stardust and the work of Srđan Nogić is seemingly obvious, and you will be able to see how strong this connection really is at the workshop. “From the first days of SFF, I felt like SFF and this research were focused on each other. In mythology, the Vlašićs are also called the Seven Sisters, and in this seventh edition of the Festival, SFF and the Vlašićs will meet for the first time in this way. The first parallel is, therefore, there, and at the festival itself we will draw the meridians together. Of course, the position of SFF as a star festival will be further determined by Vlašići and strengthen the “stardom” of the Festival. “Thus, the star status of Star Film Fest will be determined and materialized, and interested participants will truly be able to become part of the space story.

Regardless of the age or interest of the participants and previous knowledge, the desire to get acquainted with the (unexplored) celestial expanses is the main prerequisite for participation in the workshop. The presenter says: “Since this research is based on ancient, natural and universal knowledge that we all keep deep inside, it is enough for the audience to be relaxed and use elementary logic to adopt the basics of the whole idea.”

The youngest explorers of the celestial expanses are especially welcome. “And interest… tell me is there anyone on Earth who has never looked up at the starry sky and wondered what was there? Age …? I think that children look at their stars the most! So, my message to the audience is – let’s be kids! And to the youngest audience – stay children! ”

Srđan Nogić is ready to answer the question of whether he recognizes some similarities in the allegorical or mathematical-geometric sense between perfect constellations in the sky and film, when it comes to some rules of composition, such as the golden ratio or some other stylistic and precise principles and cinematic techniques. “From the composition of the Universe through the Solar System, the Earth and all Life on it to human anatomy – everything is based on the Laws. These are not the laws that parliaments change at the will of some individuals or rulers when and how they wish, but the laws that were defined at the very moment of Creation, still operate today and are irrefutable regardless of my or your will. If Man obeys these laws he will make of his life the supreme art. In his creative expression, Man has been making a film for the past 150 years, and if he respects that Law, among other things the aforementioned golden ratio, he lays the foundations for a true work of art. The film is an excellent example where the application of the principles taken from Nature can be very obvious. ”

In the end, Nogić tells film lovers “After watching a movie, don’t go to bed or do an activity right away, but at least briefly focus your gaze on the stars.” So join us at the 7th Star Film Fest and the workshop “Both in Heaven and at the Star Film Fest” and focus your gaze on good film and stars.

“Just so there is no confusion – SFF would not be home to the stars, if they were not first and foremost – our home” concluded Nogić.

Visit our workshop on September the 5th, 18:00h at Theathre 21 and online, via our official website. Workshop is free with required announcement via our application form.

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