If you are fascinated by the multimedia, but you never had time to try it out yourself, this is the right thing for you.

Within upcoming Star Film Fest, as a side event, Film and Areal cinematography workshop will be held. Everyone can sign up for them, until 22nd  of August through this LINK .

Theoretical part of workshop will be held in morning hours, while applying it will be going on in afternoon.

About Film workshop

As it was for the last two year, from the beginning of the festival, Film workshop is held by Teo Vukšan. Throughout second and third day of festival participants of this workshop will meet with new and showcase their knowledge and experience in Film area. Main goal is to achieve both-sided communication and lecture which will unite participants. Through lecture, participants will learn all the phases of film-making, and then they will be applying knowledge they earned through shooting a short movie.


About Areal cinematography workshop

This workshop is held for the first time and it’s leadear will be Tomislav Šebalj. Under his coach participants will learn few very important things about drones and areal recording. Some of the workshop parts are: Presentation of pilotless (drone) airplane footage shooting, Legal reulations and licences for controling the UAV and more interesting things regarding areal cinematography. As a practical part, participants will learn to fly drone and shoot beautiful video footage over Sisak town.
Apply today!

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