Established on 23rd of September 2013 and to this day it is caressing the culture of the film in the Sisačko-Moslavačka region and wider. Thanks to the member’s volunteers, collaborations and projects, Cinema Club Sisak is a synonym for culture.  The eight-year of working is bringing more future projects and manifestations, a handful of films and fun but also the influence on the young people from Sisačko-Moslavačka region in the context of promoting the film.

A praiseworthy project that are made under the Cinema Club Sisak is 55th and 57th revue of Croatian children creativity, workshop “The Youth for the Film”. “Planet Film” the education of elementary school children, project “Media literacy” which includes the education of chlidren, parents and teachers. “Step towards film” workshop pointed at high schoolers and students, “Questions for films”-film quiz which lasted for six months. Also, there are successful projects such as “Question for films” which with watching the film and the quiz allowed you to speak with famous Croatian film critics, project “365/7” is a project which tries to ensure the complete dedication for working in the club 365 days in the year and media literacy for the young people, the “Filming from the air” workshop which teaches the attendants all about the unmanned aerial vehicle theory and controlling it. Cinema Club Sisak filmed many films, more than 45 films were made. Cinema Club Sisak has achieved many successful collaborations with various associations, especially on the region of the city of Sisak, but also from the whole country of Croatia.

Especially active and successful project of Cinema Club Sisak is the Star Film Fest which continuously brings film authors from all around the world and cinema audience from Croatia and the world. Alongside the Star Film Fest Cinema Club Sisak is creating “Star Gardens” projections that have the same special experience of film watching under the starry sky in the old city centre and other attractive locations as Star Film Fest itself.

In the anticipation of seventh Star Film Fest the members and volunteers of Cinema Club Sisak alongside with the other festival organisators are preparing the unforgettable film experience for the visitors and the competitors. The seventh year of existing on the Croatian culture scene Star Film fest continues to build itself and attract interested film lovers.

Strong foundations of Star Film Fest are built and the main objective is the upgrade to a film festival that is recognised internationally. The importance of Star Film Fest isn’t exclusively in the influence on the local community but also to influence whole Croatia. The fact that the number of submitted films for the competition from all around the globe is growing Star Film Fest securely gets on the map of smaller but important festivals of short film in the world.

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