Festival Terms and Conditions

FESTIVAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS Star Film Fest – Festival Terms and Conditions 1st ARTICLE / General Settings Star Film Fest is an international film festival of young authors/directors which takes place from 26th to 28th of August 2021 in Sisak, Croatia. The organizer of the festival is NGO Kino klub Sisak. The main goal of the festival is to bring the film industry closer to viewers and academic audiences through film production, while at the same time creating a place where film enthusiasts will exchange creative ideas for future projects. 2nd ARTICLE / Programme The festival programme consists of two categories:
  • Competition program (short films from all around the world)
  • Official program (special thematic program)
3rd ARTICLE / Submission conditions For the competition part of the programme, applications may be submitted by directors, producers, and national film organizations with rights to represent films and be invited by the organizer. The applicant must be at least 18 and not over 35 years old. If the applicant is over 35 but the film was made before he/she turned 35 he/she has the rights to submit the film. One can submit a film in the following categories: industrial, documentary, featured, animated or experimental. Films cannot be older than 01.01.2019. The maximum duration of the submitted films cannot be longer than 25 minutes. Submission opening: 15th of February 2021. Submission deadline: 16th of May 2021. The organizer holds the right of calling films outside the above-mentioned deadline. The films are to be submitted online, on the festival webpage (link) or via the Festhome platform. The submission is free. A maximum of two films by the same author / director and a maximum of 5 films from a film school / academy / film bodies / legal entity with film representation rights can apply. If the same film has been submitted to the festival in previous years and has not been selected, the author / director or other authorized person is not entitled to re-apply for it. All submitted films must have English subtitles. The director or the person authorized for submitting the film commits not to withdraw the film from the Festival after the official programme has been announced, which is usually up to 35 days before the beginning of the festival. By submitting the application, one accepts the Star Film Fest Terms and Conditions. If the film receives an award at the Star Film Fest, the director, producer, and distributor of the film commit to mention the award in the official and promotional material, and in the distribution of the film. 4th ARTICLE / Selection and projection The number of films selected for projection in the certain programme depends on the length of films. Each of the selected films will be shown maximum two times during the festival. Selected films can also be screened on the festival’s online platform if the festival is held online (due to the epidemiological situation). In that case, the films will be available for the duration of the festival on the official website. The Vimeo platform will be used to hold online screenings. All audiovisual recordings of submitted films (screeners) will be held in the Star Film Fest archive for documentary, educational and cultural purposes. For easier storage, films may be documented in a digital database. For the purpose of promotion of rewarded films, Festival holds the right of projecting those films for Cinema Club Sisak (Kino klub Sisak) purposes in Croatia, without any reimbursement, but with notifying the rights holder. 5th ARTICLE / Awards Official awards of the Star Film Fest are: Competitive programme  GENERAL SPONSOR NAME – for the best industrial film STAR – for the best documentary film STAR – for the best fiction film STAR – for the best experimental film STAR – for the best animated film Special awards: SPECIAL STAR – for audience choice SPECIAL STAR – for the best regional film (Balkan region) SPECIAL STAR – for the best editing SPECIAL STAR – for the best cinematography SPECIAL STAR – selectors award (each selector awards one prize) SPECIAL STAR – stardust (a cash prize is awarded to one of the winning films at the festival as an incentive for further creation.) The official awards consist of a statue, certificate, and sponsorship gifts. Special awards may be awarded by the Festival, professional organizations, non-governmental organizations, media etc. *The jury has the right, in consultation with the Director of the Festival, to award one additional award for dramaturgy and technical achievements in film. 6th ARTICLE / Jury In the evaluation of the films, the jury is guided by its own criteria but also following the Jury Rules and Star Film Fest Terms and Conditions. The audience award winner is selected based on the average rating given by the audience after each projection. 7th ARTICLE / Press materials and packages Along with the application form, one should attach the following materials
  • short synopsis of the film in English or Croatian
  • biography and filmography of the film director specifying the year of birth.
  • trailer (if it exists)
Materials to be requested with the projection copy of the film (if the film is selected):
  • film poster
  • at least 3 photographs from the film, quality suitable for printing/ press
  • director’s photography
  • promotional material (press packages…)
By submitting the application form, the Festival is authorized to use and publish all the mentioned materials in the festival catalogue, on the internet and for promotion purposes. The Festival is also authorized to publish a trailer or an insert from a film in the maximum duration of 3 minutes for promotion purposes. The Festival holds the right to reject a film copy of bad technical quality that might cause problems while being projected. By submitting the application form, the director or producer accepts Star Film Fest Terms and Conditions and guarantees for the accuracy of information stated in the form. 8th ARTICLE / Accommodation and accreditation If possible, the organizer can invite the director or film representative and cover his travel and/or accommodation expenses. The authors of all the films are invited to take part at the Festival. If they apply on time (one month before the beginning of the Festival), the Festival will ensure all necessary accreditations, same as the promotion of their films, subject to the available resources. 9th ARTICLE / Final provisions Terms and Conditions are written in Croatian and English language. It is accepted by all festival participants. In the case of vagueness of the text, the interpretation basis is the Croatian version. Items not covered by the Terms and Conditions will be considered directly by the organizers according to the Organizer Statute. In the event of a dispute, for all questions considering the festival the court having jurisdiction is the court in Sisak. The Festival director holds the discretion right to a decision and dealing with cases that are not stated in these Terms and Conditions.
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