At the last year’s Star Film Fest the award for best motion picture was won by The Game (not the rapper). Here is a little overview of our interview with the director, Pedro Coutinho.

Pedro says he would describe himself with a movie Violence and Passion by Luchino Visconti, but his role model is Martin Scorcese because he managed to make big, as well as independent film equally, during his long career. His personal career goal is to shoot good stories that people can easily relate to. With that in mind, film genres do not matter to him at all, he believer stories are what matter. His favourite foreign production movie is Eight and Half by Frederico Fellini. Although he is a guy, he works towards and believes more women directors should be represented in Brazilian, but also world film industry. He was very happy to have received this award at Star Film Fest, although he regrets not having been there. At the moment, he is shooting another movie, a dramatic comedy – a man tries to foget his ex-girlfriend, but not very successfully, so he comes up with all sorts of crazy methods in order to forget her. Who knows, maybe we will also have the occassion to see this movie at the next festival!

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