Visitors of this year’s Star Film Fest, along with a number of quality films, are also expecting a real visual treat in the form of an installation by three talented creative authors. The leilamarinaena trio will present their installation called “Kraj” (The End) as early as the first festival day, August 29th. You can see this exhibition / installation starting at 7:30 pm and the location where we are expecting you is the Stari grad Sisak (Old Town Sisak).

“Kraj” is just the beginning of this year’s Star Film Fest, with authors Leila Kasumović, Marina Jukić and Ena Jurov introducing us to the installation with a brief text:

“The nights get colder and easier to breathe, the air is not clean, but neither are the forests. Let’s lay down under a tree and enjoy pieces of plastic that rustle and hint at the end. End of summer and all. Among the trees, sweet relief and self-reflection await us in the small movements of nature that move the canvases and the mobile. ”

This creative trio has been operating since 2008 when they started working independently and collaborating in the fields of visual communications, illustration, animation and comics. They further developed their talents through studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, then storytelling at Konstfack in Stockholm, and at the Visual Communication Design at the School of Design in Zagreb. The trio have seven successful appearances, and their installations are enticing and captivating.

leilamarinaena perform at parties in DIY venues, so one of their appearances is one in Sexyland in Amsterdam with Darknghts Collective and one with BEK in Zagreb. The opening of the Organ Vida festival at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb enriched their guest and they also participated in the project Nesvrstani in Lauba, Zagreb.

In addition to extensive creative oeuvre and inexhaustible creative ambitions, the members of the trio share knowledge and skills in various workshops with children and young people. It is not surprising that their exhibition / installation “Kraj” is reasonably expected. We are looking forward to this top-notch visa program and we invite you to join us on August 29th at 7:30 pm in the Stari grad Sisak (Old Town Sisak).

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