Last year, a film called Govorna pošta took our audience’s award for the best film. We did a little interview with its director, Leo Vitasović. Let us see what Leo has to say.


Leo’s wish is to create films that will interest people in their topics and that can satisfy both types of audiences – the one who studies the film, as well as the one who sees it as a pastime. Right now, he is involved in many projects – he just finished filming a short motion picture in Rijeka, he is working on several documentaries and working with a team of people on creating the cross – the network of media workshops that give children the chance to create their own films and videogames. He is, of course, open for cooperation with everyone from the film world because he has learned that you can learn something from anyone. He does not prefer any genre in particular, and his role models are Danny Boyle and Lars von Trier. When it comes to foreign production films, his favourite is The Seventh Sealby Ingmar Bergman, and his favourite Croatian one is Houston, we have a problem by Žiga Virc.

He would use another Croatian one to describe himself – Što sa sobom preko dana (What to do during the day) by Ivona Juka. Considering this is a film by a female director, Leo went on to say that it is evident the situation for women in the industry is changing and that there are more women now than ever before. He always likes to work with a mixed group of people, but still, he chooses based on someone’s skill – not sex.

Moreover, he thinks positively of Croatian cinematography as well: it is a bunch of quality works that deserve more attention by the wider audience. Objectively speaking, the interest for Croatian film is growing, which is, Leo thinks, a direct consequence of the improvement in its quality. Speaking of quality, he claims our Festival has a great concept which charmed him in the first year and he is definitely coming back! Leo hopes it will last for a couple of more days and fulfill its full potential, the opinion shared by the Star Film Fest crew as well.

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