Karlo Maloča is a 22-year-old actor, a passionate fan of hockey and judo but also a bachelor in psychology. He started acting in elementary school, enrolling in a drama group. In the end, He says that he is “stuck in this profession.” The television series “Crno-bijeli svijet” is one of the biggest projects he has worked on and the role of Žac, with whom he grew up during the six years of filming the series, was both the most complex and the most interesting he ever did.

Before “Crno-bijeli svijet”, one of Karlo’s major roles was the silly, coiled and likable Tomo in the sequel of “Koko i duhovi – Zagonetni dječak” and Karlo’s face can also be also seen in the drama “Šuti” and the film “ZG80”. However, regardless of his love for acting, in academic waters Karlo opted for psychology but he says will never close doors to his acting career. 

The eighth edition of Star Film Fest is Karlo’s first experience as a member of the jury, in carrying out his role he will take into account all the dimensions of the film and try to give the best possible answer.

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