Follow the Seventh Star Film Festival live at locations in Sisak, and this year for the first time online for safe and unlimited enjoyment of films

In order to bring the films closer to the widest audience and at the same time respect the instructions that come to us due to the new circumstances this summer, we announce that the seventh edition of Star Film Fest this year will bring great novelties in the form of online film screenings. In order not to be unprepared for the summer of 2020, we turned to the abundant use of new technologies and found a way for our festival, if you wish, to fill the screens of your computers, mobile phones and the magical silver light of movie stars to complete summer evenings on your terraces and living rooms. and rooms with pool if you have them, which we sincerely hope.

The seventh edition of Star Film Fest comes in a new package. In order to follow all the instructions and prepare for unexpected challenges, this year we decided to prepare two festivals. Same but different at the same time. This way, as visitors and our dear guests, you will be able to decide for yourself whether you want to prepare your popcorn in your own company of friends or neighbors, at home, in the garden, on the terrace or with the team. Pull out the projectors, adjust the picture settings on your TVs and sit comfortably in a self-directed movie sailing along the starry sky. All you have to do is follow the social media information about the screening dates. An evening cocktail dress is not obligatory, but it is up to you to decide – we recommend them anyway because the red carpet and the big screen are coming to your home this year.

However, we do not want the custom of going to the cinema and traditional outdoor screenings to disappear just because you have to be at a distance from the wingspan of an adult albatross, so this year SFF will have its real and very live edition. Of course we invite you to join us where it suits you and if it is in the romantic setting of Theater 21 whose legendary courtyard will once again serve as the most beautiful stage for evening screenings. The way film romantics deserve to watch the visual masterpieces we have chosen.

We invite you to start following our official pages, circle August 14 in your calendars and embark on a journey through the galaxy of movies. That’s when the first Star Gardens begins, which will continue on August 21 when there will be no shortage of movies and entertainment at the second Star Gardens. Third Star Gardens will ask you to leave a free evening on August 29th. Star Gardens, a unique place for all lovers of the seventh art, will offer screenings of films by Kino Klub Sisak and members of Kino Klub Sisak as well as award-winning films by authors from around the world under starry skies in attractive locations with more than two hours of cinema. Star Gardens is completely free this year as well, and viewers can expect surprises such as a movie quiz, a prize game and promotional gifts.

Star Film Fest 2020 will offer visitors a visit and participation in numerous film, space-good workshops where guests will be able to try something new. The aim of the festival is to bring together different types of films while creating a place where professionals and amateurs will exchange creative ideas to present their projects and find inspiration for new ones. The film categories to be represented at Star Film Fest are documentary, experimental, feature, industrial and animated film.

Due to the circumstances arising from the introduction of measures against the spread of COVID-19 virus, the implementation of this year’s program will take place in accordance with the recommended measures of epidemiological services. Our goal is yours and our safety with unlimited enjoyment of the film.

Programme is available at our official website but you can also find it bellow. Check your calendar, add time for art and join us!

Jan Mastrovic –

1st  DAY, 3/9/2020 (THURSDAY)

19:00 h – film music | Alen Bakarić & Sven Tomanić | outdoor area of Theater 21│Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

19:30 h – “965 minutes of a girl” exhibition|movie divas | Mima Juračak |outdoor area of Theater 21│Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

20:00 h – Opening of Star Film Fest |outdoor area of Theater 21│Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

20:30 h – Screening of last year’s Star Film Fest 2019 winners|outdoor area of Theater 21 │Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

2nd  DAY, 4/9/2020 (FRIDAY)

9:00 h – 1st competitive screening │ONLINE

11:00 h – Recording workshop│Filip Tot│ Theater 21│Trg grada Heidenheima 3 │ONLINE

13:00 h – 2nd competitive screening│ONLINE

15:00 h – Acoustic jam session│ONLINE

16:00 h  – 3rd competitive screening│ONLINE

18:00 h  – 4th competitive screening│ONLINE

20:15 h – Screening of  “F20” │outdoor area of Theater 21 │Trg grada Heidenheima 3│

21:00 h –  5th competitive screening│ONLINE

3rd  DAY, 5/9/2020 (SATURDAY)

9:00 h –  6th competitive screening │ONLINE

11:00  h – 7th competitive screening│ONLINE

14:30 h –  Recording workshop│Filip Tot│ Theater 21│Trg grada Heidenheima 3 │ONLINE

17:00  h –  Acoustic jam session│ONLINE

18:00 h  –  Workshop and lecture: „At Star Film Fest as it is in the Sky – Pleiades (Vlašići) through mythology, geography, language, architecture and geometry” │Theater 21│Trg grada Heidenheima 3 │ONLINE

20:15 h – Screening of “Zagrebački ekvinocij” │Svebor Mihael Jelić│outdoor area of Theater 21 │Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ 

21:45 h –Winners announcement │outdoor area of Theater 21 │Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

22:00 h – Winners screening of Star Film Fest 2020 |outdoor area of Theater 21 │Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

23:00 h  – Closing event | DJ Ante Prgin Surka | outdoor area of Theater 21 │Trg grada Heidenheima 3│ ONLINE

*You will be able to stream movies via official Star Film Fest website in the following period: from September 3rd at 20:00 h to September 5th at 20:00 h. Website:

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