The new, upcoming 7th edition of the Sisak Star Film Fest is accompanied by a new edition of the official website of the festival made of stardust.

The professional team of Star Film Fest worked tirelessly on the creative solution and execution of the new website. The new interface leaves nothing unsaid and provides a galactic experience of good film. So on the Star Film Fest page you can watch the official promotional video of Star Film Fest, read something about the upcoming 7th edition, view the gallery of pictures taken during the festival or find out more about last year’s Star Film Fest winners.

Colorful yet turquoise blue, full of stardust and interesting content, the new edition of the web invites you to walk through space. Here you can read our articles and find out the news that we regularly update. On the official Star Film Fest website, you will simply be able to sign up and follow the events planned as part of the 7th Star Film Fest. Everything you need to travel to the stars can be found here.

In addition to the refreshed web, this year’s Star Film Fest also enters with an innovative logo. The complete visual identity of the festival is enhanced, interesting and new. The well-known star of Star Film Fest is still present but in a different way, simple and fun. The turquoise blue color present in the visuals and on the new website symbolizes the city of Sisak and the Sisak-Moslavina County, home of the festival made of stardust.

Stay connected to your favorite film festival and follow the official Star Film Fest website we have prepared just for you!

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