Despite all the circumstances that befell us in 2020, we are proud and happy to announce that as many as 816 films have applied for this year’s Star Film Fest. How far a good voice is heard is irrevocably shown by the fact that most applications came from Spain, 236 of them, 67 from Argentina, 63 from France and 53 from Croatia. We are even more pleased with the fact that applications came from as many as 67 countries, which once again confirmed the fact that the Star Film Festival is a global player that attracts authors from around the world, bringing together the essence of many years of hard work of the entire team. We thank all the creatives who submitted their film to the Star Film Fest.

This year, despite the unusual and demanding circumstances, we will create a festival that will surpass all previous ones in terms of organization and content. Star Film Fest 2020 will once again occupy space in the magical fortress of Old Town as well as in Theater 21. Film and photography workshops, music, accompanying programs that will take place in parallel with the central program and this year will be the icing on the cake of the festival.

Star Film Fest 2020 will present films in five categories: documentary, experimental, feature, industrial and animated film. While our goal will remain the same as before and that is to provide an opportunity for viewers and authors to get to know and share ideas, projects and find inspiration for new projects.

Our work would have been much more difficult without the support of the general sponsor INA d.d. which accompanies us from the very beginning for which we are extremely grateful.

We believe that 2020 is the opportunity to discover new unexplored borders in which we will all find our stardust together!

See you under the starry sky full of movies, we are waiting for you.

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