After this year’s first Star Gardens screening, we have prepared two more for you. All the top films from last year’s Star Film Fest couldn’t fit in just one evening, so we invite you to join us for another Star Gardens screening on August 9th at 9 pm.

The location of the second projection is the courtyard of the Gradski muzej Sisak (Sisak City Museum) at Ulica kralja Tomislava 10 in Sisak. After the special ambience that awaited you at the first screening at Oma’s Garten, we guarantee that the atmosphere at the second screening will also not disappoint. Socializing, starry skies over the cinema screen and top films from last year’s Star Film Fest are a recipe for a successful movie night.

At the screening you will also enjoy good beer, great music, and you will be able to bring home a handful of promotional materials and a large dose of good energy. You will also be able to purchase your own Star Film Fest Startas sneakers at the second Star Gardens screening, created specifically for this year’s edition of the festival in collaboration with Borovo.

Star Gardens screenings are a testament to the efforts of the Star Film Fest team to complete the cinematic experience, and this year’s emphasis is on socializing and making new acquaintances and connecting people through our favorite seventh art. In addition to paying tribute to the best films from last year’s edition of the festival, you can have fun and relax here. Therefore, the location of the Sisak City Museum awaits you in a new look, especially designed for summer screenings under the stars. It is up to you to prepare your senses for a hefty dose of good movie and popcorn and join us in the courtyard of the Sisak City Museum, to our and your great pleasure.

List of movies we watch on Friday at another Star Gardens this year. The movie from “Od Lonjskog polja do Memphisa” premieres Friday at Star Gardens.

  1. Od Lonjskog polja do Memphisa – documentary – 39 min
  2. Marjan – documentary – 3 min
  3. A onda mama i tata – experimental film – 11 min
  4. Impasse – feature film – 16 min 21 sec
  5. Stuck in rut – documentary – 4 min
  6. Beautifool Erorr – experimental film – 2 min
  7. Enough – animated film – 2 min
  8. Paper crown – feature film – 10 min
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