The cult “Startas” sneakers were made back in 1976, and this year you’ll be able to walk in them at the 6th Star Film Fest thanks to a collaboration with Borovo. The Star Film Fest team has prepared something truly special for you. It is a limited edition of Startas sneakers with a recognizable festival star logo.

These are shoes in which you can comfortably navigate through the galaxies of a good movies. The Startas sneakers in the new outfit are the result of a collaboration between Star Film Fest and the Borovo shoe factory. The most famous shoes from the manufacturer of shoes Borovo, Borosane and Startas sneakers are the most well-known shoes for many generations and remain synonym of quality. Only natural materials are used in the manufacture of these shoes. A number of designers are working on creating these intriguing and wearable shoes, with one Startas sneakers going through at least 20 caring hands to reach the customer. This is why the starry shoes and starry festival came together this year to make your journey to a good movies as comfortable as possible.

You can find our Startas sneakers at Star Gardens screenings and the festival itself, and for sneaker sizes you can inquire at the festival’s official mail: with other promotional material. For all orders and inquiries there is an official Facebook profile of the festival. Also, Startas sneakers can be preserved as a souvenir on a merry night full of socializing, music and most importantly, films. You will be able to get the first pair of these limited-edition Startas sneakers, made for the sixth edition of the Star Film Fest, at Star Gardens screenings. Look for your pair also during the festival, along with other promotional material we have also prepared.

We strive to make all promotional materials, as well as this limited edition Startas sneakers, from environmentally friendly materials, and we are especially proud of our cooperation with Croatian companies, which we support this year while manufacturing everything we offer. That is why, in addition to the great response from the audience this year, we are also looking forward to working with Borovo, whose experts have recognized the potential of Star Film Fest Startas sneakers.

You can also get your pair of Star Film Fest Startas sneakers by taking a picture of your pair of Startas sneakers, posting a picture on Instagram or Facebook and tagging Star Film Fest with the hashtag #starfilmfest. The best photo wins cult sneakers in a limited edition festival outfit.

Step this year with us into the world of good films in your new Startas sneakers.

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