Submissions for the competitive part of the program of Star Film Fest are still open. Like every other year, there is a hard but sweet task awaiting the team of Star Film Fest. To choose the best films for the competitive part of the program of the festival made of stardust. If you want your film to be one of the chosen ones make sure to send it until the 30th of May. Because of the current situation in the world, we have decided to extend the submission deadline, therefore it is still not too late for your submission.

You can make your submission via official festival site: Submission or via Festhome platform. You can also send your film including the filled out submission form via post. The rules are simple and available on our official site on Terms and Conditions. It is important that the competitors are above the age of 18 but under the age of 35 in the year of creating the film. It is also important that the film isn’t produced before 1st of January 2018, hence the date of production cannot be 2 years ago. The available categories are documentary, action, experimental, animated and industrial film. The films submitted for the competitive part of the program shouldn’t be longer than 25 minutes.

Star Film Fest represents a perfect opportunity and a starting point for a career of young filmmakers. Also, star film fest is hosting productive, grown filmmakers by putting the quality of the film in the centre of attention. From year to a year festival is gathering interested cinema audience, and it is attracting film creators from all around the globe. Join us in the creation of the 7th edition of a starry festival and step with us into the galaxy of good film.

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