Star Film Fest officially begins on Thursday, September 3rd, and preparations for organizers and volunteers began the day before.

The morning at Theater 21 brought a meeting, after waking up with morning coffee at the festival’s Green Hill café. A work plan has been established at the meeting, and we have had a space program for a long time. The protocol is printed in A3 format and there is no room for confusion. Everyone does their own thing and at the same time jumps in as needed. Producers, editors, cameramen and photographers, chroniclers and media sector, guest office and volunteer leader with volunteers, translator technical service and one little dog gathered today to realize what we have been waiting for – 7th Star Film Fest. The equipment arrived, and the volunteers arrived. The exhibition “965 Minutes of a Girl” was set up, and a report with Mima Juračak was recorded. The red carpet is brushed and the torches framing it can’t wait to smolder. Volunteers took a walk around the city and our star delighted the citizens of Sisak. The promo walk was successfully done! After a joint lunch and a meeting of volunteers, the technicians climbed to the roof where the Star Film Fest poster is now vigilantly monitoring the space of Theater 21. At 7 pm, the first live broadcast via our official website followed, and shortly after the first rehearsal.

Preparations are still ongoing, and on September 3rd, the first day of the festival will dawn. See you at Theater 21 and online.

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