Star Film Fest is taking place in Sisak for the seventh time this year and its visual identity has been renewed in a star like manner. The new visual and a brand new logo are coming alongside with the completely renewed visual identity of our favorite festival. Tomo Gavranović is the author of the visual, who explains why and how is the new visual identity of Star Film Fest truly unique. The director of the festival, Matija Holjevac, has also shared his thoughts on new visual. 

Authenticity, youth and innovation are making Star Film Fest and its new identity recognisable. The emphasis is on the authenticity of the festival. New visual identity consists of a view point and the universe, Milky way, our constellation which is as well our “back yard”. The universe represents an infinite number of young filmmakers ideas while viewers symbolize our subjective reality, our view on life, world and movies. Star Film Fest is a festival that sees beyond the visible, into the universe of ideas and inspiration. Those are the type of ideas that young film authors produce while being the future of cinematography… explained Tomo.

Star Film Fest  stays true to it self by evoking the same “star” connotations. The author of visuals plays with the old symbol in a new, different way. The name of the festival is clear and accentuated and the logo is therefore easy to read and visible to the audience. New identity of Star Film Fest is still colored in turquoise which connects the new logo with the usual perception of festival. Tomo claims that it is time for Star Film Fest, after six successful years to  become a full grown festival which can present a competition for other great festivals in Croatia. Due to such aspirations, new visual identity sends a clear and strong message- this is the festival of the future. 

The idea was skillfully manifested. Universe was an inspiration, because it is an unlimited source of ideas and motives alongside our personal observation of the world we live in. Life and passion to live combined with inspiration that lives in young makers of film provokes an expression of authentic views of the world we live in. New visual identity carries an important message – Star Film Fest is a place for authenticity, originality and true ideas. A film festival of this kind promotes fresh ideas through selection. It allows the audience to enjoy fresh views on life and the representation of those views through film. 

Matija point out that the emphasis is on people. All those people are situated in the universe, an every one of us is a part of the universe, each a little star. Star Film Fest organisation is made of a small group of people, small group of volunteers, small group of stars that all form a bigger star – Star Film Fest. 

Matija further explains the message sent by new visual identity. The colour remained the same, turquoise. The colour is in this case more important that it may seem. The message it sends is also very important. Turquoise was chosen for its symbolic and commercial connotations and identification. Blue is the colour of Sisak and green is the colour of Sisačko-moslavačka county. By combining these two colours together we get turquoise, the colour of Star Film Fest. This colour is distinctive and can easily be connected to Star Film Fest, says Matija. It is the colour of young film makers from Sisak that are doing something different and truly important in this city. The colour and the symbol of the star with five tails, which represents five genres of film,  stay the same. New visual identity brings a refreshment the festival needed. After all, this is the seventh edition of the Star Film Fest that now enters a new era of international movie festival, Matija says. 

Matija explained that it is not necessary for the logo and the visual to stand out. He claims that no one can see each element of the festival and its visual identity. “Not even I can see each element, but I am trying to be a part of the universe and I am trying to broaden my horizons” says Matija.

The inspiration is the motto of Star Film Fest. It is an important part of the festival which has been built from nothing. Only now festival acquires its true self and gets it recognizable stance. The seventh year of taking place is bringing a great turnover in organisation. Sisak will be covered in stardust, announces Matija. The goal is to prove that Sisak is filled with young aspiring authors filled with productivity. By volunteering we can make a great impact on the cultural life of the city. 

Star Film Fest is bringing high quality film in its new shine. Just a glance at new visual identity evokes a superb film entertainment beneath the sky filled with stars.

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