We had a little chat with last-year’s jury member – Danijel Kušan. See what he has to say.

Danijel thinks only the best about Croatian cinematography. He thinks it’s well-organized and highly productive, as well as developing greatly, even abroad. Although he is interested in all kinds of genres, Danijel prefers motion picture. He believes this time is actually the golden age of Croatian film, with directors like Matanić, Sviličić, Ogresta etc. It is very inspirational to take part in this wave. Danijel appreciates the enthusiasm and sees Star Film Fest as an opportunity for good films to be shown to the audience, which are otherwise not so lucky to be presented to people. He thinks our festival is very well-organized, almost that it seems like we have been doing this for ages. Danijel thinks the festival crew is on a good path and hopes for the greater number of visitors in upcoming years. This can be achieved by showcasing good films, of course, but also with extra activities in the programme and getting together with all the participants and visitors. According to Danijel, film festivals give inspiration and the general overview of the audience’s opinion to young directors, which is of great importance for them, because a film is not a complete artwork if it is not communicating to the audience. He even gave young authors a little advice: “I would advise young film-enthusiasts to make as many films as possible and to explore, and not to steer away from the topics they consider important.”

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