We started the second day of the 9th edition of SFF in the company of the youngest with screenings of the cult animated series Professor Baltazar, after which the Zagreb studio Gamechuck presented its project of making a video game inspired by the generation’s favorite genius scientist. In one of the best Croatian gaming studios, Professor Baltazar will get a new life that will mark new generations, and for all those eager for knowledge, we have started a cycle of workshops on campaigning on social networks.

The competitive film program was marked by three screenings, in which 16 superb short film works by directors from all over the world were shown, from China, Egypt, Turkey to South Korea.

At the same time, domestic forces were presented by directors Matej Matijević with the feature film Do dna and Vedran Ružić with the experimental film 6 meters. Do Dna portrays Bara, a petty thief and criminal through the vicissitudes that arise when a corrupt policeman breaks into his apartment, and Bara gets involved in dangerous business with drug smugglers… While Ružić introduced himself with the autobiographical experimental film 6 meters about his family and their life, which is marked on the expressway near their home and the ways in which it emphasizes the powerlessness of the little man against the system. The Croatian animated scene was presented by Luna Strmotić with the film Masked Avenger, which is symbolized by a carefree raccoon who cheerfully arranges his den and goes to sleep after a tiring day, but wakes up in the morning with the arrival of a lumberjack who cuts down a tree and destroys his home.

We welcomed the evening with pleasant conversations in cooperation with the platform Bacači sjenki, where actress Lana Barić and director Goran Dević presented the process of working in the film industry and the processes of their creativity. We continued the movie night with a screening on the Slavo Striegl promenade, where the feature film Divljaci directed by Dario Lonjak was shown, and we also danced to the infectious rhythms of the band from Sisak, Šarena pojava, which together with us occupied the courtyard of the Dutch house.

We start the third and last day of this year’s Star Film Fest with the continuation of the cycle of workshops led by the campaign on social networks and the competition program, and you can find the detailed program on our official website.

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