In addition to good films, filmmakers, workshops and exhibitions, the image and occasion of the starry Sisak sky, the sound will bring a great music program of this year’s Star Film Fest!

Lordan Badanjak‘s film music on Thursday, August 26 will be a real sound treat for the start of three film days directed by Star Film Fest.

The opening of the Star Film Fest will mark the performance of the Zagreb indie-rock band Lika Kolorado. This four-member band (Pavle Gulić – drums, Ana Jelić – bass, Filip Riđički – vocals, Vanja Senčar – guitar) won over the audience in 2018 with the hit Smiješ zaurlat, and currently has two studio albums behind them, as well as sold-out Zagreb and open air festivals. . It’s a band that just wants to create and play, hang out with people on stage, off stage, under stage.

The melodies of swing, gypsy and everything that sounds Brazilian will enchant you on Saturday, August 27 at the Star Film Fest! Gungula or noise, are a few girls and boys who love jazz music more than the usual noise of everyday life and who are willing to sacrifice their time and silence to play it. Gungula’s favorite hobby is swapping instruments in a clockwise direction, and when Gungula grows up she would love to make a full circle. Instruments. Maybe counterclockwise.

Sugar for the end, on Saturday, August 28, the star dust of the music-loving couple Cura & Dečko, who lives, loves and creates together, will close the eighth edition of Star Film Fest! Soft, greasy beats and fairytale melodies from the embrace of this two in love have an intoxicating effect on our bodies! The girl, Vanesa Petrac, sings with a heart in her throat and direct and motivating lyrics in Croatian, while the boy, Ivan Marojević, juicy beats and hard synths of magic Utopia, from foot to foot!

From foot to foot, step by step, to the eighth edition of Star Film Fest – August 26, 27 and 28!

You can find other detailed information about the rest of the program content on our official web and Facebook pages.

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