This year, as part of the Star Film Festival, we organize a Women’s Conference in the movie. For the beginning, we talked with Sanja Zanki about her experiences with the world of film and gender equality.


1) Star Film Fest is intended primarily for young filmmakers, those who just enter the world of

film. What was your main motivation to start dealing with movies?

I started to work very spontaneously in the first grade of high school when I was there

joined the Videocrew of Gimnazija Karlovac, and then we founded the CinemaClub Karlovac. Our

gathering was a great extracurricular activity for which I could not possibly know that

become a real job.


2) This year’s Star Film Festival will host a conference called Women in the Film. You

you’re a woman in the movie world, do you think you’ve ever been harder than your male counterparts?

Unfortunately, in Croatia we still can not talk about gender equality in any business

and the film world is no exception. We can only hope that this future will change this,

it is a pity that women are more capable of doing so because every man deserves equal rights.


3) What do you think about contemporary movie production in us? Can we talk about sexually inequality?


This is a data that is easily verifiable and mathematically demonstrable – it’s enough to look at the results

to produce films that are publicly available and to count the number of female directors to whom they are

approved funds for the implementation of the project.


4) Is there any interest in creating movies where women are more often seen? On the other side,

what roles are most often for men?

I believe that women are more seen in production, scenography, costume design, makeup, script, acting …

Men are most often in the roles of directors, photography directors, guides, monitors,

postproduction of picture and sound …


5) What would you say to young filmmakers in the movie world? Do you have special tips for


Be persistent and trust in your dreams.

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